Fade in: FOCUS

Michie Alvaro
December 16, 2009

Throughout the school year, CCA students are often busy with myriad things that fill their daily lives. Things like schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, and other fun stuff. Sometimes those things take their focus away from what’s happening around campus. FADE In: FOCUS. FOCUS is a monthly show... Read more »

Babysitter’s Club: A Heart to Serve

Moriah Smith
December 16, 2009

A day in a teacher’s life is not easily described. We could attempt by saying that it is a hard job and only the most dedicated professionals can accomplish it well. Take our CCA teachers—from the moment they step onto our school campus they are bombarded with lesson plans, meetings, students—obedient... Read more »

Stone Hearts

Rebecca Urrutia
December 16, 2009

With every breath you take, the scarlet heart within you pumps red liquid life. It throbs unceasingly, day and night, bringing oxygen to the life found within its secret chambers. Everything seems to be working perfectly until a poison stealthily seeps in. Unexpectedly and unnoticed, it trickles through... Read more »

CCA: Drawn to Art

Joe Rogers
December 16, 2009

An old man wrapped in a light robe reaches, across the horde of angels that hold him, toward His creation. His outreached arm ends only centimeters away from making contact with the relaxed Adam, lying naked on a hilltop. Michelangelo’s fresco magnificently spread across the roof of the Sistine Chapel... Read more »

Elementary Christmas Outreaches

Kaley Israels
December 16, 2009

Green wreathes that emit the homey aroma of pine, twinkling lights that delicately dangle off rooftops, and illuminated evergreen trees everywhere proclaim the arrival of Christmas. Directly correlated with the holiday’s feel-good vibes, is the gradual growth of excitement that each new mark on the... Read more »

A Christ-Centered Christmas

Danielle Germaine
December 16, 2009

From running to store after store trying to find the perfect gift, to tirelessly bedecking houses with Christmas lights and decorations—if you’re like me, you too may have thought that this Christmas season has been complete chaos. Instead of spreading the infamous Christmas cheer and goodwill... Read more »

“Got Peace?”

David Salvatelli
December 16, 2009

Christmas for Christians comes with two side-by-side yet incompatible messages: “glory to God in the highest and on earth peace” versus “gimme, gimme, gimme—all of it…now!”  Jesus. The world. Both ready to deliver the goods. Both have return policies. But even the world’s best will fall... Read more »

Calvary Chapel Outreach Run Update

December 10, 2009

During Calvary Chapel’s 5K Outreach Run, participants ran for their lives, for both their physical and spiritual growth. Noteworthy among the runners was first-place female winner, Annie Breniyan-Smith, with a time of 22 minutes and 40 seconds and first-place male winner, Jon Williams, who ran an 18... Read more »

Athlete Profile: Ben Mayell

Eric Brown
December 10, 2009

Ben Mayell, a junior on CCA’s Varsity Basketball team, has put up tremendous numbers on the court. Not only does he rack up the points, but he also dishes out assists left and right, making passes to his teammates to bring the team to victory. “The guys around me have tons of talent,” says Mayell.... Read more »

Secondary Library Media Center Coming Soon!

Avery Reeder
December 10, 2009

When plans for the Discipleship Building began coming together, the leadership of CCA stepped back to see what changes needed to be made to our campus. One obvious need was the development of CCA facilities. The Library Media Center (LMC) in the elementary school building had served its purpose for at... Read more »

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