Christmas Around the World


Rachel Toalson, Staff Writer
January 23, 2012

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations for Christians, but it would be wrong to assume we are the only ones who celebrate this holiday. With the world becoming a global village, Christmas is now celebrated in many countries around the world. Though the mode of celebration is different, most celebrate... Read more »

Should Christians Celebrate Santa Claus?


Dawson Allen, Staff Writer
January 23, 2012

“Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, not Santa Claus,” said a parent, while another asked, “What’s so wrong about letting your kids believe in Santa Claus? What’s the harm in that?” “Well, we celebrate both,” said a third parent. And there, in a fraction... Read more »

Christmas Traditions: How Students Spend the Holiday


Susy Urrutia, Staff Writer
January 23, 2012

Christmas is a time of cheer, to open and give gifts, to share stories that give a good laugh, and spend time with friends and family. Each family gives it their own special touch, with varying traditions and ways of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some go caroling, some roast marshmallows... Read more »

Set Apart: High Tide at Oceans Edge School of Worship


Caitlin McCrary, Staff Writer
January 19, 2012

[Gallery not found]When God laid it on Pastor Clay Hecocks’ heart to begin training the next generation of worship leaders in 2004, he was inspired to create “Oceans Edge (OE) School of Worship. Coupled with the growth of Calvary Chapel and its satellite campuses, and the need in Christian culture... Read more »

CCA Small Groups are Out and About…


Suzi Urrutia, Staff Writer
January 12, 2012

Here at CCA, there are many opportunities for students to take time and invest in the lives of those around them in outreach, as well as spend time with friends. Both classes and small groups are planning trips and creative outings to help those in need, adding to the hundreds of ministry works currently... Read more »

US: The New Breed of Evangelicals


Jessie Gushue, Senior Writer
January 12, 2012

“If you capture the heart of a child you can change a nation,” said Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s Outreach Pastor, Chet Lowe, who has been heavily involved with missions work most of his life, and recently in Brazil. “All of us are called to communicate the gospel.” We are part of a... Read more »

Barack Obama. The Good. The Bad. The Truth.


Kyle Swenson, Staff Writer
January 12, 2012

With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, the question of whether or not Barack Obama was a successful president during his four-year term in office is now up for hot debate. Every political analyst from every major network have their own personal opinions on the subject and are very... Read more »

The Stress for Success


Caitlin McCrary, Staff Writer
January 12, 2012

When it comes to academic achievement we have seen, in just one generation, a dramatic decrease in studying and a corresponding increase in stress levels. There is so much pressure on this generation of students to aspire to society’s definition of success—straight As, top colleges, a high-income... Read more »

How Important, REALLY, are Test Scores?

Test Scores

Toni Turner, Staff Writer
January 12, 2012

Two #2 pencils at hand, an eraser close behind, and a test right in front of you. The urge to simply bubble in any answer comes to mind. It’s not like it is the SAT…the test scores are not that important, you think. Well, you thought wrong! According to the CollegeView, a website filled with expert... Read more »

Veteran’s Day at CCA


Toni Turner, Staff Writer
January 10, 2012

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude,” said American writer, Cynthia Ozick on the topic of American soldiers. For those who selflessly sacrifice their lives, time, and families to humble themselves in service to our country, these men and women deserve to be... Read more »

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