AP Classes Lead Students to Advanced Thinking

AP classes

Connor Walcott, Copy Editor/ Web Editor/ Writer
December 11, 2013

AP classes: the pinnacle of high school education. Filled with the best students, they offer a higher level of study, as well as countless academic benefits, both now and in college. Some students strive to get into them, but then occasionally try desperately to get out of them, because, despite the... Read more »

What’s on TV?

What's on TV

Ryan Herbert, Staff Writer/ Designer
November 22, 2013

We say it all the time, “There’s nothing on TV” or “TV was a lot better when I was a kid.” Which for the most part is true; the early 2000’s are regarded by most of us as the glory days of television. We were the generation that watched shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Drake and Josh,... Read more »

Are you Called to the Mission Field? Then, Go!


Jessica Gushue and Deborah Rubin, Staff Writers
June 5, 2013

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Ascending to the Throne


Alexandra Gomez, Staff Writer/Managing Editor
June 5, 2013

We’ve changed the theme. We’ve mixed up the speakers. We’ve narrowed the focus. And we’ve also transformed worship. Along with the “Ascent” outlook of middle school and high school Chapel has come a reform for the worship team. Led by youth leader Bobby Bemis, it has become something more... Read more »



Alexandra Gomez, Staff Writer/Managing Editor
June 5, 2013

As students, we are told that high school is a time of preparation. For college, I mean. For our future, so we will do something of consequence when we graduate. But no matter how much we shove things aside—homework, quizzes, tests, the occasional quest, SAT prep, ACT prep, etc.—preparation is what... Read more »

The Frugal Queen


Heather Wroth, Staff Writer/Photo Editor
June 4, 2013

Prom is a night to remember. It’s magical, it’s a milestone, and it’s really expensive. According to a poll from Seventeen Magazine, girls can expect to spend an average of $195 on a dress and $52 on a hairstyle for the night. This bill of almost $250 doesn’t include many of the essentials, including... Read more »

Seniors Traveling the World

Annie Harley, Staff Writer/Design Editor
June 4, 2013

Au revoir! Arrivederci! Adiós! Specific seniors of the 2013 Class will not just be saying goodbye to CCA this summer, but also to the sunny shores of South Florida. As ardent adventurers have plans to say, “Bonjour” to the La Tour Eiffel in Paris, France or, “Mind the gap,” in London, England,... Read more »



Jessica Gushue, Staff Writer/Copy Editor
June 2, 2013

It’s a humbling realization to acknowledge that you’ve been chosen. Selected. Taken out of a crowd of people because of someone else’s desire for you. Haley McKenzie, Caitlyn Coy, Parker Gainey, Abby Lowe and I were chosen to see something on February 22, 2013 that not many people ever see... Read more »

Wear it Well!

Wear it Well

Annie Harley, Staff Writer/Design Editor
June 1, 2013

Girls, look down at the green and blue plaid skirt and blue shirt that you are wearing right now. (You are wearing that… Right? You are in dress code?) Wouldn’t you much rather be in a more comfortable polo, and a new style of beautiful blended blues plaid? And boys, look at that so called, “gold,”... Read more »

Small Groups: It’s Your Story!


November 1, 2012

“Small groups is that one special, influential time throughout the week where you can come together to fellowship and talk with good friends. It is a safe place where you have the ability to be honest and vulnerable to absolutely everything, and is a significant time with God—a way to encourage each... Read more »

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