Elementary Teacher Influences this Year’s Heisman Winner

Eric Brown
January 21, 2010
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In the midst of an exciting season of NCAA football, Mark Ingram, the sophomore running back from the Alabama Crimson Tide was selected as this year’s Heisman award winner. The ceremony seemed like a scene from a film: Every player heading up onto stage, in front of a massive crowd and national television, making a short speech, thanking those who had helped and influenced them along their way to success.

 As Ingram spoke to the millions of overjoyed viewers, he mentioned many people contributing to his life; however the story grows greater when Ingram emphasized his praise for all of his teachers. Now, it just so happens that one of CCA’s Elementary Drama Teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth Contini, in fact was Ingram’s kindergarten teacher.

 Mrs. Contini taught the future running sensation when he was only four years old, at the Master’s Academy in Weston, Florida. She says she remembers Mark to always stand out with his friends. She saw him as respectful, caring, and one who loves God. These characteristics have stayed with him today as he exhibits these strengths in all he does.

An upbringing of a child is always a factor, which influences their maturity. Obviously, Mark turned out to be a phenomenal success, and he gave the credit to the people who helped him along the way. Mrs. Contini loves the fact that she was involved and is appreciated by the Heisman winner. Out of all her experiences teaching Mark, she also remembers his close ties with his family. “His family was very close, and his parents and grandparents attended all his school events,” she said.

Mrs. Contini cherishes Ingram’s success and she has saved many newspaper clippings and photos of his up rise. The most amazing detail for her would be that she actually had an impact on his life. The fact that he mentioned his teachers, and she was a part of that serves as a monumental experience for her. To this day, she is a friend with Ingram’s mom on Facebook, and she along of many others in the nation were cheering for Mark as he received his award.


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