History Fair


Photo Credit: Heather Wroth

Sara Kelliher, Staff Writer
January 10, 2012
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a history fair?  Do you think about monotonous speeches about the past, or do you think about reading through a history book searching for facts?

That’s not the case at CCA, which sponsors another that kind of History Fair—one with flair and creativity. The History Department encourages their students to think outside of the box as they plan and prepare their history projects. In the end, what you see is anything but “just another essay or school-wide project,” which ultimately ends up in the garbage can after it is presented.

“I think that if anyone were to come to the History Fair they would see all the creativity the students here have,” said History Teacher, Mr. Mark Dineen. “I know I have sometimes looked at a project and thought ‘wow I never even thought about it like that.”

On Monday and Tuesday of last week, a selective group of students from the 6th-12th showcased their projects in the Discipleship Building’s first floor in the main hallway, which is adjacent to the school office. The History Fair competition for all of Broward County School will take place in March 2012, when CCA’s best projects will get a chance to participate.



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