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Monique Jones
May 3, 2010
Filed under Sports, Track & Field

The CCA track team is having immense success throughout their season. At the district meet on Friday, March 16, 22 runners qualified for the regional meet at Dade Christian. For many of the runners, track has been an opportunity to push themselves, grow closer to God and their teammates, and learn valuable lessons they can use on and off the track. “Track has really taught me perseverance, or enduring even when circumstances get difficult,” says Rebecca Urrutia. “At times, I get extremely frustrated with myself when I do not run well or jump a personal best, but God has been showing me that I need to persevere even when it gets tough. It isn’t about how well you do. It is about giving your all and leaving the rest up to God.”

A reoccurring statement from the CCA Track Coach, Coach Cantrell is “We are a not runner…that’s just what we do! What we really are are disciples!” The team has put this renowned statement into practice during their track meets. “Track meets are so long and there are so many chances to talk to kids,” says Joey Imhoff. “I probably talk to 5 different kids each track meet. There’s always an opportunity to bring God up because a lot of times there are Christian schools there but the kids aren’t necessarily Christians or they definitely don’t act like they are, so it is a good opportunity to show them what Calvary is all about.”

The team does ministry outside of meets and practices by having outreaches at The Refuge on Sunday mornings. “Sunday is the day when our church takes over and does a service, worship, and serves coffee with donuts,” says Elizabeth Dougherty. “I have never really done something like that, but serving the homeless gave me so joy.”


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