Keep Calm and Tebow On

Annie Harley, Staff Writer
April 3, 2012
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“They said I couldn’t be a high school quarterback. They said I couldn’t get a D-1 scholarship. That, ’You can’t make it.’ That, ‘You’re not good enough.’ That, ‘You’re not skilled enough.’ They said I couldn’t win a Heisman. They said I couldn’t win a national championship. They said I wouldn’t be a first round draft pick. They said I couldn’t play in the league. ‘Appreciate that.”

Tim Tebow, recently named  “America’s Favorite Athlete” in an ESPN survey, stated the above comments in an FRS energy commercial. With an estimated 1,695 professional NFL football players, 16,500 professional athletes in America, and probable four million professionals on earth, Tim Tebow was named the favorite.  From the survey it is evident that Tebow is an international role model for athletes of
all ages.

Born in Makati City, of the Philippines, Tim grew up a missionary kid to Bob and Pam Tebow, and was raised in a Christian home. The youngest of five children, he was homeschooled along with the rest of his siblings until high school graduation. Despite being homeschooled, he was allowed to play high school sports. He played football for Nease High School in Pointe Verde Beach, Florida, from sophomore to senior year.

After his high school career, Tebow continued on to get a Division One scholarship as a Gator at the University of Florida. While he was at UF, he led his team to win two NCAA National Championships, and was the first sophomore and homeschooler to ever win a Heisman trophy. After his time as a Gator, he was a first round draft pick for the Denver Broncos in the 2010 NFL Draft.

A firm believer in Christ, Tebow seeks to impact the world in more ways than just sports. In 2010, he established The Tim Tebow Foundation. His goal in the foundation is to utilize the platform God has given him to support and love others who are hurting.  In addition to his organization, every week Tebow selects someone who is suffering and flies them and their families to a Broncos game. He sends a car for them, sets them up in a nice hotel, gives them pregame passes and sideline seats, spends time with them and sends them off with gifts as they leave. Tebow is special because he genuinely cares about people and sets an example of how all Christians imitating Christ should behave.

“Tebow is much more than just a football player,” said junior football player, Jeremy Ramirez. “He inspires me by the way he handles the fame God has given him.”

Teammate, Doviglio Gamble agreed with Jeremy’s comments and considers Tebow a role model too. He said,  “He makes sure to give all the glory to God, and he is not ashamed of his faith. He is a disciple of Christ and a great leader to his teammates.”  Gamble continues,  “He inspires me because his work for the Lord is truly amazing. My dream has always been getting drafted to the NFL, and to be an example to fans and teammates. With that platform you can change the football culture because for some, football is a religion. Sunday is consumed by football.”

Tebow’s reliance on God allowing him to defy limitations is an inspiring testimony across America. With his constant desire to humble himself before the Lord, it is expected that God will exalt this son of His. Tebow is truly an inspiration.


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