Sports Injury Class Takes Note from PBA Medical Fair


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Jacob Jackson, Staff Writer
April 3, 2012
Filed under Academics, Student Life

Geared particularly to students interested in a career in sports injury management, Palm Beach Atlantic University’ recently hosted their third annual Medical Fair. High school students from the tri-county area were invited to attend and Miss Cory Thompson’s Sports Injury Management class signed up for the the hands on training.  Among the worshops available there were lectures on injury prevention, recognition, assessment, management, and disposition of sports related injuries and diseases.

Ms. Thompson, who’s been an athletic trainer for several years and who serves CCA athletes on most sports events,  was pleased to see her students bridging the gap between their high school medical knowledge to the requirements this field demands for college.

A sports injury management student, Verumika Brachmia said, “I got to hear about the classes required to take in order to get into medical school, and how it is a very competitive career.” Another student, Bobbi Darden added, “I’m glad I went. I know becoming an ATC is hard work, but this visit taught me that it’s also plenty of fun.”

Ms. Thompson hopes to make this an annual visit with her students to PBA’s Medical Fair.  “The coolest thing is that my students got to see that what we are learning in class is applicable to the medical field outside of school. Some of the students did biochemistry, some practiced fake IVs, and various other medical jobs.”  PBA gave good examples of taking foundational knowledge to the next level. Not only that, but because PBA is a Christian college, they took the information and correlated with how aspiring physicians can be used in the medical field to better show Christ to others.


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