Meagan Tabb: Knight?

Laura Foreman
March 12, 2009

Every year, the overwhelming need for scholarships floods the minds of high school seniors determined to attend the college of their choice. This, however, is no easy feat. It is always a blessing when scholarship opportunities come your way. Meagan Tabb was nominated by Christine Mitchell, Spanish... Read more »

CCA’s Tennis Team is Coming Up Aces

Laura Foreman
March 6, 2009

CCA is midway through its third tennis season and as a relatively new program, Head Coach Martin Fanning, along with Assistant Coaches Jessica Lauk and Margie Dougherty, are leading the team to growth in skill as well as in closeness with Christ—the one who enables us to play. Through wins and losses,... Read more »

Run Fast

Laura Foreman
February 25, 2009

“Run fast,” says Track and Field Coach Jonathon Schwab. He and Wayne Cole both coach this growing team that is in the process of training to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, Hebrews 12:1.” The team practices here at Calvary ever weekday except for Wednesdays, when they are able... Read more »

Play Ball!

Laura Foreman, Sports Writer
February 5, 2009

It’s that time of year to stack up on your peanuts and cracker jacks with softball season starting up again. Both Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball teams are in the middle of strenuous practices as they embrace a promising season.   JV Coach, Ronnie Lakatos, has been with the softball program for... Read more »

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