Annie Harley, Staff Writer
April 2, 2012

A few topics that have become popular now seem to fall under grey areas in Scripture. Tattoos are gaining popularity amongst teens worldwide. The Food and Drug administration conducted a study that shows as many as 45 million Americans having a tattoo. A 2009 study shows that 25% of people from ages... Read more »

Rating Riot

Heather Wroth, Staff Writer
September 8, 2011

Recently a few friends and I went to see a “PG-13” movie in theatres, but ended up walking out before the movie even hit the halfway mark. We were amazed that a movie with violence, profanity, and nudity in almost every scene didn’t get an “R” rating. I left the theatre wondering, “Can I... Read more »


Erick Brown
July 18, 2011

“Class of 2011!” is a phrase ringing in the ears of all soon-to-be high school graduates. As seniors finish what has been noted as “Chapter One” of their lives and disperse throughout the country to various colleges and opportunities, how will they write Chapter Two, and how will the world’s... Read more »

Tracking Device to Check on Teens While Driving…

Brittany Fortier
January 10, 2011

It’s  a Friday night. You’re in your car, you glance down and notice the time. It’s 10:37pm. You were supposed to meet a bunch of your friends for the movie at 10:30, but you’re late again. You hope they saved you a seat, you think to yourself, as you slowly lay your foot harder on the gas pedal.... Read more »

She Said, She Said…

Jessica Matthews and Lauren Kostoff
April 2, 2009

Jessica Says… Have you ever observed a 4-year-old driving a mini jeep along the sidewalk in your neighborhood, seen the excitement in their eyes as they step on the gas pedal, the thrill on their faces? Kids want to drive even before they can see into the rearview mirror. However, many families... Read more »

On Dating

Joe Rogers
March 2, 2009

With Liquid ministries’ high-school series, Sexpectations, lines are being crossed left and right, and the issue of premarital sex is being explored with all of the dark nooks and crannies thrown into the light. And yet, one needs to take a step away from the giggles and awkward blushes and realize... Read more »