Like a Wave Upon a Shore

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Lauren Kostoff
May 28, 2009
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A senior class is like a wave upon a shore, called high school. And during their brief but long four years, their impact is etched in countless forms. The wave of a senior class can be strikingly powerful as it erodes and shapes the shore. It can be translucent, as it calmly beckons; it can be unexpected and tumultuous, it can be fun and full of noise and laughter, and it can reflect the many motions and tides of where it comes from. All of these facets a wave contains, and in countless ways, mirrors the graduating class of 2009, in that they, like a wave, have left their mark on the shores of CCA, but even though they now rush and are pulled away, they take influential, gripping parts of that shore to be with them always.


There is a dual, give-and-take aspect of a graduation that is not always readily recognized. Just as a wave has the power to mold and shape the shore line, each class has the ability to effect their school during their high school career. But a wave also, as it is pulled away from the shore by an unstoppable force, takes bits and pieces of sand and shells with it; and each senior class is presented with that same opportunity come graduation; now is the time when they can, as they are pulled away into something so much bigger, take vital pieces and fundamental truths from CCA with them forever.


The senior class of 2009 has always strived to impact CCA; to imprint, mold, and shape just as a wave can. As a senior who has been a proud member of her class for the past seven years,
I can remember countless class meetings and “pep talks,” inspiring this group of 67 to passionately strive to leave a mark, but not just any mark, but one that changes thinking, that motivates others. A mark that changes injustice to justice, and a mark that always points back to God. Yes, if I had to pick an inspirational, behind-the-scenes driving force for this group of seniors it would be 1 Timothy 4:12, “ Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for other believers in your speech, behavior, love, faithfulness, and purity.”


Focusing on our legacy has been a theme interwoven throughout our senior year. This focus can not only be seen as the title of our yearbook this year, but it could be heard in our class meetings and get-togethers throughout the year. Ultimately, it has always been our hope and prayer that the theme of legacy could be felt throughout CCA.


Clearly, the class of 2009 has done much to shape their shore during the past four years, and it is our hope and prayer that our efforts have inspired underclassmen and faculty alike. And as we must rush away now, only time will tell which grains of sand we will take with us from CCA—but one thing is for certain, we will never forget the shore we did so much to shape.


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