Missions Month Leads to International Day at CCA

Moriah Smith
October 29, 2009
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October is Missions Month at CCA, which includes spirit-filled elementary chapels with information about missions, testimonies from missionaries, challenges to the students, and inspirational teachings.  “Pastor Jorge challenged our elementary students the first week of October to be preparing their hearts to “GO” and make disciples, as Matthew 28:19 calls us to do,” said Jan Lashbrook, vice elementary principal.

“Over the summer, Pastor Jorge and his wife took a team of twelve CCA high school students to El Salvador for eight days to minister to the poor and orphans in La Libertad.  The students bought food from the local market to give out to needy families, brought shoes and toys from the USA to distribute at a local orphanage, and visited every day to play with the children and help the orphanage staff with cleaning the property.”  The CCA students shared in chapel that they came back with a realization that God could use them to reach someone with His love.  They gained a new sense of compassion for the lost and needy of that country and have a desire to go again to continue the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Later on in the month, Pastor Reuben Ramsaran visited the elementary chapel,  after his trip to India.  In spite of suffering from jet lag, he challenged and inspired elementary students with the plight of the Dalits, a poor and outcast people group of India. The Dalit families live in areas called “pipe villages,” because they actually live in sewer pipes. 

Pastor Reuben shared that while CCA students throw away large portions of their lunches in the cafeteria, the children in the town he visited daily scavenge through the garbage heaps on the outskirts of town to find food to eat or toys to play with.  The students were challenged to: Make sacrifices instead of wasting their food, resources, and lives on things that don’t reap an eternal reward; pray for the missionaries in India, as their lives are often in danger; and to go on a missions trip as soon as they were able, to be willing to be used by God to be a blessing in someone else’s life.

This Friday, International Day will conclude missions month, as it does every year.  Elementary students will be dressed in different customes, each representing God’s love for every nation in the world. Skylar, a 3rd grader at CCA comments, “Missions Month is important to CCA students because some people in different countries don’t know about God and don’t have enough food to eat or clothes to wear, and we learn about how we can go and share our food and clothes with them and tell them about God.”

Even kindergarten students are taught how to pray and learn more information about the missionary the class ‘adopts;’ in some cases providing support for the missionary. Jillian Campbell, a 6 year old kindergartener at CCA comments, “I want to tell people that if they did something bad, they can be forgiven and they can worship God.”


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