International Day: Not Just Another CCA Tradition

Moriah Smith
November 5, 2009
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Last Friday, Missions Month concluded at CCA with the celebration of International Day. Some might say that this has become a CCA tradition, and they are right.  International Day is always packed with lots of fun things. Fun chapels, fun costumes, fun playground time!  Part of the fun is asking the little ones who they are dressed as, because they give you the most insightful answers, “I don’t know,” said one.

But is it just a CCA tradition? Is it just another day to play dress-up?  “Our CCA elementary students are truly preparing their hearts to ‘GO’ and make disciples!” explains Assistant Elementary Principal, Jan Lashbrook.  So, you see, behind all the fun and colorful costumes, we find that there’s a mission…a command; the one Jesus gave each and every one of us almost three thousand years ago.  There’s also a cause—to lift up in prayer our missionaries who travel to minister to the people around the world.

Kicking off the exciting morning at the Calvary Chapel Theatre, was CCA’s Elementary Principal, Susan Alexander, who addressed the crowd by saying, “As you all sit here in your outfits, I want you to think about what you’re wearing, about all the girls and boys that don’t know Jesus Christ yet as their Savior, and be in prayer for them.” 

The kindergarteners were the first to file to go on stage to sing a song that represented their country of choice. After them came the first graders, singing “Love the Lord your God,” with three of the children reciting a Bible verse in English and another language. That act was followed by the second graders, who recited Matthew 28: 19-20, CCA’s missions statement at CCA, and concluded by singing “Go, Go, Go, Into All the World.” The VE class then recited the pledge to the American Flag, followed by other students in grades third through fifth, who recited a variety of Bible verses, songs, biographies, and excerpts from stories.

Yes, International Day was a great success and students and teachers had a lot of fun. After the day was done, we looked back and realized that it is a fine CCA tradition. This day teaches our students, even the littlest of them, what it takes to be a missionary, and how to make a difference wherever they go. But this day is just a sample…an illustration, if you will, of the various places and people God loves.

Where’s your mission field? Students were encouraged to find out. Here’s a helpful hint: if you are a soccer player, well, the west field might just be your mission field. If you are a dancer, the stage might just be the platform God uses to shine your light to the world. For the academic whiz, you know the kid who is just brilliant at math, science, and all those subjects teachers love to teach…well, it might just be the Spelling Bee that places you outside of the CCA walls and onto a stage where you can witness to others kids at another school. 

If International Day taught the students anything it was that they should not wait for next year’s celebration to show their missionary spirit. Do something today! Tell the world who Jesus is by showing His love in action. Try it in your classrooms, at home, in your neighborhood, in the playground ground… just go and do something! Make a difference in the world.

And that’s what International Day at CCA is all about. A good tradition, wouldn’t you say?


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