A Christ-Centered Christmas

Danielle Germaine
December 16, 2009
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From running to store after store trying to find the perfect gift, to tirelessly bedecking houses with Christmas lights and decorations—if you’re like me, you too may have thought that this Christmas season has been complete chaos. Instead of spreading the infamous Christmas cheer and goodwill towards men, we have fallen prey to the “5am” early bird sales and to one-upping the neighbor’s Christmas light spectacle next door. But if you sit back for just a second and catch your breath from the continual Christmas delirium, you can’t help but wonder how the “most wonderful time of the year” has become a season that many delight in the idea of its being over.

For the Senior class who has recently returned from a not-so “Christmasy” trip to Merida, Mexico, this Christmas season has become one in which Christmas wants are no longer made known, and time spent watching repetitive Christmas programs have been productively turned into spreading the love of Christ in the community.

Last week, a few twelfth-graders spent their Saturday passing out “Love Bags” to the homeless and praying in the home of Rebecca Urrutia, thanking and praising God for the many souls that were won and the seeds that were planted while in Mexico. The “Mexico High,” that many of the seniors have been on, has become a genuine lifestyle of service and sacrifice. Rather than drawing up lists of “must-haves” for themselves, they are searching for opportunities to give of themselves for the sake of Christ’s name being resounded through the mission field of Fort Lauderdale this Christmas.

CCA Youth Pastor, Topher Harrison, challenged the high school student body in chapel last Friday to ask themselves who Jesus was to them. Is He merely a picture in your mind of a baby lying in a manger or a man nailed to a cross? The reflection on Christ’s humble entrance into the world for which He came to save sparked a stinging sadness in many students’ hearts and reminded them to place the emphasis on Christ amidst the pagan practices and traditions Christmas has now become. As Christmas Day is rapidly approaching with still several things to be done, keep in mind that the first Christmas was spent in a stable with the King of Kings lying in an eating trough. It doesn’t matter where or how Jesus came, He can be worshiped at any time and desires to be at the top of our Christmas to-do lists.

For many, Christmas is a time for families to reunite after long absences and to cherish the gift of having each other. Whether your family this Christmas is comprised of close-friends, relatives you haven’t seen in years, or a homeless person God has laid on your heart to adopt into your family, we must never forget how blessed we are to have them. Talking with a fellow peer recently, I have been reminded of the unique ministry opportunity many have this Christmas as unsaved family members will be traveling to CCA homes where Jesus is celebrated. Sure, we sing the same Christmas songs of “coming all ye faithful,” and “playing my drum for Him,” but what many who don’t know Christ will see is a reverent worship and meaning behind the overused lyrics.

As we continue to finish up our last bit of Christmas shopping and decorate the final batch of Christmas cookies, will we choose to spread the merriness and cheer of Christ’s birth or simply blend in with the long lines of impatient customers? Amidst the world’s motive of getting more and more this Christmas, we must not allow ourselves to get carried away by the many things that serve as distractions to our dear Savior’s birthday. So just what will you do to ensure that Christ is truly the number one reason for the season?

The CCA Weekly Staff wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.


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