Prom 2011: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Jennifer Imhoff
July 18, 2011
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Have you wondered why senior prom is the biggest and most looked-forward-to event in your high school? It’s a special night for all seniors, but why is it so? Some might say it’s because it’s nice to get dressed up, get together and have a good time dancing and dining. Others are a bit more nostalgic and say that it is because you may never see them again after graduation.

Whatever the case may be, no doubt senior prom is a special ocassion. For the girls, it begins with finding that perfect dress; for the guys, it starts with finding the perfect date. Some arrive in limos while others choose to drive their dates. Some guys take two minutes to plan how they’re going ask their date to prom, while others take two months. As you can see, everyone does it a little bit different. But in the end, it’s a special night to remember. We asked a few couples and here’s what we found out:


The Girls

Q: Gabby, did it take you long to find your prom dress?

Gabby: It didn’t take too long, I got lucky!

Q: Was this your first prom?

Gabby: The whole “prom experience” is great.

Q: Macie, did it take you long to find your prom dress?

Macie: I actually didn’t shop for my dress, I bought it on eBay.

Q: Was this your first prom?

Macie: This was my second prom, but this time I had a date!


The Guys

Q: Johnny, how did you ask Gabby to the prom?

Johnny: Gabby and I went on a date a couple weeks ago; this one was special of course because I asked her to prom. At the end of the night, we went to the beach and hung out for a little bit. I brought my guitar and sang her a song. Part of it was a song we’ve heard and part of it I wrote. The part I wrote basically was me asking her to the dance.

Q: How did you get to the prom?

Johnny: We arrived in a limo!

Q: Was this your first time going to the prom?

Johnny: This was actually not my first prom but this one was really fun, because I was with all of my friends.

Q: Juan, how did you ask Macie to the prom?

Juan: I planned for about two months a HUGE scavenger hunt around the school that started in front of an audience in the theatre and finished on the roof of the school. Little hints led her through the hunt.

Q: Was this your first prom?

Juan: This was my first prom even though I had enough prom drama a few years ago. Prom is a little bit different to everyone, but everyone comes to just simply have fun.


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