Remembering Amy

Jessica Matthews, Laura Foreman and Lauren Kostoff, Messenger Alumni Staff
November 3, 2011
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“Don’t change your views b/c of what other ppl may say or think. God is your rock (Psalm 62:6) Cast all your foolish thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity on Him…He cares for YOU! (1 Peter 5:7) …don’t be like the man who walks away from the mirror and forgets what he looks like….ahh so not cute.” 

Amy Lakatos sent this text message to her close friend and roommate, Laura Foreman, to encourage her a few weeks before the Lord called Amy home. This is just one example of the way Amy lived her life, personally encouraging the people around her with her joy and sassy spirit. Cheering on the sidelines throughout high school showcased her spunky side.

Fellow cheerleader and classmate, Briana Montesarchio, said, “She was the girl you wanted to stand next to you, you wanted to experience her energy and excitement.” Camilla Castro, also a part of Amy’s cheer team, remembered, “Every time I saw Amy on the practice field or around school, it was always the same look: big, bright blue eyes that radiated an inner peace…her reverberating laugh that put everything and everyone at ease, and enticed her listener to laugh along too.”

Amy threw herself into every task with a God-given energy and excitement. Whether she was tanning at the beach, working on a school project, or cheering for the football team, she positively exuded a complete contentment in life.

“Her humor lightened any situation, she always made me laugh. And you need a friend like that when you’re going through high school!” remembered Linzi Schattinger, a fellow classmate to Amy since the fourth grade. Amy’s spontaneity showed up in both big and small ways. Close friend and classmate, Ashley (Williams) Haddy said, “As I look back on my friendship with Amy it is the little things that stick out. Amy was so great about texting you out of the blue or calling you just to let you know she was thinking about you. She had a way of making you feel special and loved just by doing that.”

Andrew Robbins, football player and friend, adds, “With Amy it always felt like if you had a problem, it was her problem too, or if you were happy, she would be happy with you. She was a great encourager, which made her a perfect cheerleader. She made you feel like you were just as special to her as anyone else.”

Amy had an understanding of the Word beyond her years; her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit brought everyone around her a little bit closer to heaven, especially those closest to her, such as her sister, Christine Lakatos, a senior at CCA. “Amy was not only my sister, but my best friend. I could always share my thoughts with her and know she had the wisdom to help me in any situation.”

Cheer coach, teacher, and mentor, Tina Reeder had the pleasure of knowing Amy since her first year at CCA. “She had an ability to take adversity and trial and see what it was—a means to bring her to a better place, stronger and refined… The joy in her heart overcame the sin of this world,” said Mrs. Reeder. This perspective held true with every obstacle she encountered: “Only Amy would say she was blessed with Type 1 Diabetes,” said Fenton Ameerally.

After graduating high school in 2009, Amy went on to the University of Florida and became a leader in her Christian sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda. Her dream was to become a nurse and eventually go onto the mission field. With 200 people in attendance at the memorial service held for Amy at UF, no one could deny the impact she had on her college campus. It seems that no matter where Amy went, she lived out Proverbs 23:16: “My heart will dance and sing to the tuneful truth you’ll speak.”



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