My God Story with Korey

The Messenger Staff
April 2, 2012
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On Sunday, December 4, 2011, Korey Shane Sarvas (Class of 2008) died in a drowning accident, leaving family and friends wondering: “You’re here today, but you may be gone tomorrow. So, what’s life all about?” 

Korey knew. In fact, his theme for life was unmistakable. All who got a chance to meet him realized soon enough that he walked by faith and not by sight. He was a natural born leader with amazing drive and determination. And although he was a dynamic entertainer and fitness expert, his main goal in life was to search God’s will in all he did.

Korey is remembered by his CCA teachers as a quiet student who passed his days here without drawing a whole lot of attention to himself. But that all changed after high school. Korey dedicated himself to Parkour, a physically demanding sport of climbing walls and executing all sorts of flips that defy gravity, and he excelled at it. His excellence became known across the country and even beyond.

Bible teacher, Mr. Bill Schott had a sweet encounter with Korey three days before he died. A memory that he would later call, “My God Story with Korey.”  “I hadn’t seen him in four years since he graduated, but ran into him in the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s (CCFL) Sanctuary hallway at Wednesday night church service,” said Mr. Schott. “The shy Korey I remembered was now this confident young man who approached me and rapidly caught me up on his accomplishments. I was very impressed with what he had achieved, but more so with whom he had become.”

Korey promised Mr. Schott he would send him some video on his Parkour routines, but sadly that video came in the form of a memoir at his memorial service at CCFL’s Sanctuary only a week and a half later. When Mr. Schott called Korey’s father to share his condolences, Korey’s father asked him to officiate his son’s memorial service. Both his and his wife’s hearts were to have Korey’s passing serve as an instrument of salvation for his friends, since he was known in the Parkour group as their connection to God.

“That prayer was answered as approximately 50 of Korey’s parkour friends accepted Jesus into their lives that day,” said Mr. Schott, who saw that as a sight that Korey would’ve truly done flips for.



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